Real People, Real Emotions, Every Time!

My Why


To inspire my clients to recognize and celebrate their unique beauty, to give my clients a memorable photography experience and to create images and products from those images that will be treasured for generations.

Life style and Relationship Photography

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away" Eudora Welty

Business / Commercial Photography

ABOUT ME - Ara Arbabzadeh, Owner/Photographer

When I was 5 , I loved holding my mom's film camera she used during her travels around the world. The view of the world through the lens of her camera was different and recognizing that sparked my curiosity.

When I turned 16, my father gave me my first adult camera; a CANON AE-1 film camera with all sorts of filters, lenses and even a separate flash.

With photography lessons from my uncle and a desire to see what I could do, I took my camera everywhere and started photographing regularly! The challenge of capturing the fleeting moment fueled my passion and understanding the importance of small moments has kept me going all these years!



  • You will know when I snap "the perfect" shot because I lack a poker face!

  • I workout 4-5x week so I can keep up with my business and maintain my foodie habits!

  • I adore my dog Sammy [he's a Coton de Tulear] He's super cute and friendly! Instagram: Coton_Sammy

  • I am a webinar junkie - usually in the photography, personal growth and business spaces

  • I love networking and connecting and love to do it chunks of time

  • I love slow days where I plan nothing and am at home working on home projects and unwinding

  • I love spending time traveling, eating and laughing with my group of strong, loyal and fun girl friends that keep me laughing!

  • I love live music at small venues but have gone to my fair share of stadium concerts. I keep a list and the ticket stubs to every one of them since I was 15! 


I enjoy planning and getting to know you at the consultation. We discuss clothing, props, location, style and purpose. It's a great opportunity to run ideas by each other and set the right expectations. The end goal is to get great images that supersede your vision and expectations. The bonus is when images are created that also stretch me artistically!

I thrive in a photo shoot because there are a lot of variables to consider and control; knowing that I am able to weave through the maze keeps me wanting to do it over and over!

Capturing your personality is my goal and it is humbling, gratifying and a lot of fun!

I invite parents, siblings or friends to any photo shoot as they are welcome to be part of the creative process.

I encourage you to be vulnerable and energized and bring your best self forward!

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.

 - Annie Leibovitz